Voblerji, jerki, blestivke, žlice, spinerji…

Voblerji, jerki, blestivke, žlice, spinerji…

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Westin Gift Box-European...

European Pike Selection 2018 – Luc Coppens Favorite Colors Small

  • Percy the Perch (HL) 10cm 20g Floating Dull Perch
  • Ricky the Roach SL/ST 14cm 42g Official Roach
  • Swim 10cm 32g Suspending 3D Headlight
  • ScrewIn 10g Natural
  • Pro Shallow Screw M (5 mm)
  • Pro Stinger 1X7 27,2kg 6cm #2
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Westin RawBite Crankbait, 11cm

Rawbite has a tight vibrating wobbler action that drives predators wild! Its chubby profile looks like a nice easy snack as it limps and twitches out of the gloom, and up close, its ultrasonic siren song makes them open their mouths in awe and take the bite that seals their fate. Perfect for trolling or casting for big, nasty pike, zander and other predators, the RawBite sports an integrated long cast system, where the steel ball moves to the tail to aid long casting and settles back into the belly when it starts to fish, to give it an irresistible swimming action.
  • Lead free construction
  • Japanese style carbon steel hooks
  • Floating - running depth: 11cm 1-2.5m / 15cm 1-3m / 17cm 2-4m
  • Ultra sonic rattle ball
  • Realistic eyes

Weight: 11 cm 26g | 15 cm 61g | 17 cm 100g

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Westin BuzzBite Crankbait

The deadly BuzzBite are some of the hottest crankbaits to hit perch fishing in a long time. All the key features are here – a tight wobble, quick-diving without pulling hard, a highly detailed design, quality components, and realistic eyes. Its neutral buoyancy allows you to pause your retrieve and let the lure suspend in position, increasing its appeal to wary fish. Almost silent with a high-frequency rattling action adds to the fish-catching attraction. Monster perch will practically be throwing themselves at your bait! Designed for perch and trout fishing but equally deadly for zander and pike.

  • Lead free
  • Tight aggressive swimming action
  • Ultra-sharp carbon steel hooks
  • Wire-through-lip construction
  • Running depth: 1-2 m & 1-2.5 m

Weight: 4 cm 4g | 5 cm 6g | 6 cm 10g